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Why SEO is important, and what benefits can it bring me?

Most of the time, we have requests for quotes.

What companies investing a large sum of money in the creation of their website.

But once the site online, they realize that without visitors, the site is not much in it.
It is at this time that they discover that the promotion of a website is as important as the site itself.

SEO will contribute to the success of your website by giving you greater visibility on the search engines.

This will result in more traffic to your site (visitors), and says more traffic says more requests for quotes or orders: you will improve the profitability of your website.

A large number of visitors is enough?

No, it would have been too simple.

It is also necessary that your visitors are visitors “qualified”.

That is to say, directly interested in your products or services, if after arriving at your site, they will leave immediately.

Have many qualified visitors is it enough?

Not necessarily.

The user arrives on a website difficult to navigate or with a graphic style that does not inspire confidence, will quickly see the competition.

In fact, the ergonomics of a site is very important to achieve a purchase on the Internet.

So what?

To summarize, you need a user-friendly site is easy to use and receives many qualified visitors.

How much does it cost?

It depends.

SEO is a service impalpable.

This is the brainpower and experience that allows for good results.

Nowadays, SEO should no longer confine themselves to fundamentals (such as optimization TITLE and other meta tags, content optimization and aggressive policy links).

This is no longer sufficient to cope with the constant evolution of search engines and competition increasingly important on the Web in almost all sectors.

Okay, but how much does it cost?

It’s hard to generalize because each site is different and unique case.

For efficient referencing it sometimes requires hundreds of hours of work spread over many months.

Now every SEO company sets its cost per hour, with a range that can go from $ 50 to over $ 120.

To reduce the time spent managing the SEO and you’ll have your answer!

Is it profitable to invest thousands of dollars, see tens of thousands of dollars in SEO?

Yes without hesitation if the return on investment is positive!

For such a return, it is essential to devote a substantial budget for its referencing a service that really want the road and you will pass your competitors in the search engines.

If your main competitors invest tens of thousands of dollars per year in their ranking, it is not by spending a few thousand you will be able to compete effectively.

Then return there?

If you pay $ 5,000 per year and SEO that it allows you to generate a turnover much higher, you win!

What is an operation SEO ?

It is a service consisting of reports, audits and personalized advice than anything else.

It’s consulting, to use this word very much in vogue.

SEO is:

• a complete analysis of your site (internal and external environment)
• an extensive competitive analysis
• correction code and content
• ergonomic analysis type A / B testing with multiple parameters
• a policy of constant depth and links
• complete optimization in accordance with the guidelines of search engines
• submissions
• continuous monitoring with a constant desire to improve results
• careful analysis of traffic and audience to make the necessary corrections
• etc..