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• Social networks, what interest?

More and more businesses are now present on social networks.

From the food to travel agencies, through products every day, all “large” company that respects has either a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, and so on. But for you who have a smaller company, what is the point?

Have something to say

Being present on the network, it is if you have something to say.

If you run a guest house and want new customers, talk environment of your home, artisans nearby, make videos, relaying cultural events, etc..
It is the content that will interest you give the user … and prospective customer who comes to your house to spend a weekend dream!

Organize your content in one place, often on a blog easy to create and update.

Your blog pointing of course to your website where your potential customers can book a room.
Reach more people
Being present on social networks, it is first reach more people. Need word of mouth to talk to you, your customers are almost automatically for you.

This is called viral phenomenon.

This is very interesting if someone on Twitter, for example, like one of your posts or comments on your page, all their friends will be notified.

Knowing that the average user has 150 friends, it makes you more attentive ears 150.

And imagine that these ears come comment or love what you do, you’re 150 with new ears, and so on.

An automated snowball effect, certainly more powerful than wait for your customers talking about you.

The hardest part of all this is the “Like”: you produce content interesting enough to be “Like”.

Create a new relationship with your customers.

Through networking, you have a new way to communicate with them.

Currently, consumers are more than just receivers, they love and want to give their opinions on products, and also want to be referred.

Social networks, with their less formal and ease of use can be a very powerful communication channel, if you have people behind who consult regularly to meet the expectations of users.

And Internet content, they are returning users.

• Loyalty

This brings us to the loyalty that you can do for your customers.

If you maintain this link with them (listen to them, share information of interest), they will re-pass on your page, and will have a special bond with you.

They enjoy the page and its contents, and therefore your brand.

So they will not hesitate to deal with you again, thanks to the trust created between you.

Boost its image …

Finally, it gives your company a young and dynamic image.

Being on social networks is listen to new customer needs. You are open, and if you participate and respond to the community, you are a dynamic company closer to its consumers.

• Mastering reputation

When you are not going to a party, people present are not going to deprive about you, since you’re not to contradict.

So if you are present, you can say the right side of your personality and nuance the known to you.

This is exactly the same thing on the net.

Being presence on social networks, you have an additional arrow to control what is said about you and respond accordingly.

A good tip if you want to launch social networks: contact a professional.